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I am Steve Down, a true Romany Gypsy. Our Romany history goes back some 300 years. We are very proud of our heritage. We share the same vision as our predecessors as we continue to breed traditional gypsy cobs, which are true to type. I pride myself on being a true horse breeder and NOT a horse trader. I have been breeding horses all my life, as did my father, my grandfather and great grandfather before me. I was givenmy first two fillies when I was two years old. I have continued this tradition with my own children and grandchildren. Our horses are a family affair. I have been married for nearly 30 years.I have one son, five daughters and two grandchildren. I am very proud of my children's dedication to preserving our horse's bloodlines and their commitment to continue our ongoing family tradition of breeding ever better gypsy cobs. When you think true to type you have only to look at our horses, plenty of bone, flooded with silky feather, small sweet heads, little pricked ears and a good high tail set - the quality just goes on and on. In our ongoing quest to further the breed, my family and I have embarked on an exciting new venture. It is now time for others to see what we have been breeding - to share what has been achieved through generations and a lifetime. Wylleen May (West River Gypsy Horse Farm) and I are now partners. Our new breeding facility in America will be SD West Farm. Select stallions will be USA based as a part of our breeding program in America while others will remain here to continue our UK program. Our commitment is such that I plan to spend at least some portion of my time in The States working with Wylleen to promote our horses and to implement our breeding plan. The entire family will also be involved as we showcase our breeding at various horse shows and horse expose around the country.

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